About the secretary general

Aekus Kamboj

As Aekus steps in her senior year, she concludes her fourth successful year of Model UN. Started as a local delegate in one of the GD Goenka branches years back, she has risen up to receiving laurels at Harvard MUN, Singapore MUN, Asia-Pacific MUN and so on to chairing and directing some of the biggest MUNs of world including Barcelona International MUN, Asia-Pacific MUN, Yogyakarta International MUN, The Youth Society of Bangladesh and so on. Aekus has been making a successful career in Model UN and is now sponsored by various organizations and firms (like MUNPlanet, MUNCafe, The DelhiMUN, etc.) to touch the peak. Aekus is honored to be the founder Secretary General of Goenka World MUN and is looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

About the President

Priyam Sharma

Priyam, now an ardent MUN participant, has been fascinated by the concept ever since her first as a 13 year old curious girl who wanted to make a difference in the world! She stepped into the world of intellectual conflicts through the means of Rotary Debates across the city and has previously represented New Delhi at the World School Debating Championship. Over the past three years, she has participated in over 25 MUNs and won numerous awards alongside serving as an Executive Board member for several conferences at the University of Delhi. Used to always being the youngest person in the room, Priyam truly believes that comprehending the complexities of the global social organisation and unearthing middle-ground to resolve issues should be the most significant attributes of an MUNer. As the President of GMUN’18 , she is extremely honoured and exuberant to see you all at the conference which will surely be a one of a kind!

About the deputy secretary general

Yuvraj Chadha

A proficient student of world history, Yuvraj Chadha has participated and won accolades in over 15 Model UN conferences. Since a very tender age, he has been fascinated by the idea of resolution through discussion and now as an MUN’er, Yuvraj aims to assess world issues with the widest of perspectives. As the Deputy Secretary General of GMUN 2018, Yuvraj has been closely involved in the intellectual development of the committees alongside logistics. He’s an avid reader of socio-political literature and loves to spend his free time indulging in political discussions with friends and family. Yuvraj is working very hard to get this conference to life and cant wait to see you all!