Award policy

We believe in making this simulation an enjoyable and educational experience for all the participants. This conference is an opportunity for the participants to learn about international relations, public speaking, and the challenges if high-stakes diplomacy through first hand experience. Most of all, we hope that the participants leave this conference as well-informed global citizens. However, we distinguishably value the the recognitions of students and delegations that have contribute to the conference in exemplary ways. Hence, at the closing the secretariat takes the honor of announcing individual and delegation awards.
Each committee director with the consultation of his/her committee staff will determine the individual awards pm the basis of the following criteria:
  • Diplomacy
  • Public speaking
  • Ability to persuade and work with the other delegates.
  • Attendance to the conference.
  • Quality of position papers.
  • Exhibition of the desire to compromise, while adhering to the policies and interests of the representative nation/individual.
  • Exhibition of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topic area.
  • Skill of effective resolution writing, debate and, caucusing.
  • The delegate awards for each committee will be as follows and in a stratal order:-

  • Best Delegate Award
  • Outstanding Delegate Award
  • Diplomacy Award
  • Verbal mention
  • The number of awards of each category (except the best delegate) may vary dependent on committee strength. The decision the Secretariat with respect to any awards is final and binding.

    Plagiarism Policy

    The open exchange of ideas is crucial to an effective MUN experience. However, it is important for all the delegates to acknowledge clearly when they have relied upon or incorporated work of others. It is expected that all the work submitted to the committee staff before and during the conference will be the delegate’s own work. Delegates should take great care in distinguishing their own knowledge with the the information derived from other sources through proper citation of all quoted and paraphrased material. Plagiarism can take many forms, including:

  • Verbatim Plagiarism
  • Inadequate Paraphrase
  • Material replication
  • Any delegate suspected of committing an act of plagiarism will be subjected to an investigation that is reported to faculty advisors and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including reduced consideration to ineligibility fro awards, expulsion from the conference, and/or disqualification from future attendance at any Goenka Model United Nations conferences.

    Dress Code Policy

    In this simulation of the United Nations, we at Goenka World MUN strive for professionalism in all aspects of the conference, Delegates are expected to follow a dress code for all committee sessions and conference events. During the committee sessions all delegates are expected to be in a Western business attire, although national and religious attire will be permitted. Western business attire requires one to be dressed in a suit jacket, slacks or skirt, dress shirt (with tie if applicable), and dress shoes. Hats and caps are not permitted.

    At all times all faculty advisors, delegates, observers, directors, secretariat and staff are expected to exercise good sense of interpretation of dress code. Even when casual attire is permitted basic rules of property will apply. Delegates dressed inappropriately for any event may be asked to return to change into more appropriate attires.

    Cultural Sensitive Policy

    Delegates may hail from a wide range of ethnicity, cultures and, societies. Everyone must be mindful and respectful of the fact that the other might be of distinguished perspectives and beliefs.

    One of the main purposes of Model UN is to foster inter-cultural interactions and understanding between the younger population making them open minded and global thinkers. In pursuit of this aim, we request all delegates and faculty advisors to keep an open mind throughout the conference and exercise respect towards the other, especially in their choice of attire, language and, behavior at GWMUN.

    Badges and Placard Policy

    Hotels, Dorm and Conference security protocols require all participants to wear a conference-issued badges at all times. A badge is required fro admission to all conference functions, including opening ceremony, delegate dinner and, closing ceremony. Also, one placard will to every delegate or double delegation, in the absence of which no delegate is permitted to attend the committee sessions.

    Delegates without a placard will be referred to Delegate Affairs where they must issue a replacement. Adults must provide Delegate Affairs with a valid identification when requesting fro a replacement for a placard or badge. No badges or placards can be issued for replacement for entry at any conference events.