Committees Agendas proposed
United Nations Security Council 1. Situation in Baluchistan
2. Militarisation of the arctic region
United Nations General Assembly : DISEC 1. Emergency Special Session on the recent progressions in East Jerusalem
United Nations General Assembly : SPECPOL 2. Militarisation of outer space with special emphasis on the Outer Space Treaty [1967] and Prevention of an Arms Race [PAROS]
Unites Nations Human Rights Council 1. Assessing the human rights conditions in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 1. Combatting the South-Sudanese refugee crisis
Historic AIPPM 1. November 1st, 1984
Organisation of Islamic Countries 1.Promoting Cooperation with the United Nations in Political, Economic, Scientific, Humanitarian And Cultural Matters
Association of South-East Asian Nations 1. Assessing labor rights in South-east Asian Nations
Harry Potter [Fantasy Committee]
Unites Nations Economic and Social Council 1.Establishing a review of the reforms for the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Arab League Discussing and Reconsidering the Qatari Boycott.