Conference Date : 27th-30th October, 2018

Goenka World MUN

With it’s maiden edition, GoenkaWorldMUN 2018 aspires to set an unprecedented bar for itself. The conference, with its origins in a strong desire to commemorate the true art of dialogue and resolution, hopes to impart each and every participant with unparalleled geopolitical knowledge, consensus-building skills and social awareness.

Message from the Secretary General

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure and honor that I invite you to the first edition of Goenka World Model U.N.

The GWMUN secretariat has taken the challenge to organize the first edition of this conference upon their shoulders with optimism to create an indelible experience over the course of it.

United Nations, once considered the golden armor now a questioned idea, has left a legacy of finding ‘agreement within disagreement’ and taught the world the arts diplomacy. Thus, this simulation of the United Nations is an attempt to promote the importance of cohesive consensus building and bridging the gaps between disagreements. With the prevalence of innumerable issues around the world that await resolution, the committees simulated aim to encompass those ranging from the ones under the consideration of the United Nations Security Council to gripping unconventional discussions.

We sincerely hope you join us in this unique opportunity to achieve fruitful discussions, disagreements, negotiations and consensus for each and every council with insurmountable levels of engagement. We aspire the Secretariat, Executive Board members and most significantly the delegates work in absolute harmony and make the Model UN an indubitable success.


Aekus Kamboj
Secretary General
Goenka World Model United Nations 2018